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Is a Clogged Drain an Emergency at Home?

A clogged drain is a trivial matter that can be addressed. In some cases, it troubles you to find professional help. A flood can be the cause of clogged drains. So, the first attention is to identify the signs of a clogged sewer. They may be in kitchen sinks, floor drains, or toilets. Then, draw a conclusion about the causes of a clogged drain at your home. You may need some conventional approaches or even individual recipes to clean it up. Finally, do not forget to regularly keep maintenance. The following consideration and analysis must be helpful to you.  

The basics of a drain

A single horizontal sewer drain pipe connects each home. It is with the city sewer service to the underground roadway. The drain pipe has a diameter of 4 inches, although it can also be as small as 3 inches. The main drain inside the home. It receives wastewater from the separate branch drains feeding each plumbing appliance. They include sinks, tubs, showers, toilets, and a washing machine. It connects to the main sewage drain pipe running beneath the yard. These branch drains are smaller pipes with a typical diameter of 1 1/4 to 2 1/2 inches. A clog in the main sewage drain can be very problematic. It can cause all the drains in the house to back up. At least, a clogged main sewer drain pipe may result in sewage and wastewater backing up into a home’s floor.

The kinds of emergent clogs

Clogged kitchen sink drains make it difficult to perform daily tasks. It is like cleaning and preparing meals, which could be hazardous. This is why they should be fixed immediately. Cooking grease and other food waste can clog kitchen sinks. It is destined for the garbage disposal but instead finds its way into the drain. Our kitchen sink drains become filled with whatever the garbage disposal grinds. The resulting coagulated, gooey muck sticks to the interior of the pipe. It may delay and obstruct the drain.

Toilet clogs are annoying to deal with. Also, they also present a serious health risk if not resolved right away. We all know what goes into our toilets. And without getting too graphic, we are all aware of the dangers of toilet backups. Using too much toilet paper or flushing things can be the cause of the majority of toilet blockages. They can also be a sign of a broken flange. A clogged toilet is a plumbing emergency in a household with a single bathroom. There is no method to flush waste outside the building.

Plumbing emergencies are sewage pipes. They clog and push wastewater into your house. A clogged shower drain is worse than a clogged toilet. It can cause raw sewage to back up into every drain in your house, posing similar health dangers.

The signs of a clogged drain

Unfortunately, you see bubbling or hear gurgling when you are using water-connected appliances. So, it dedicates that your home is experiencing a clogged drain. There may be a regretful kitchen sink, an ignored toilet, or a shower drain wrapped in hair.

1. The kitchen sink is shouting for help when inundated with dirty water.

The culprit of a clogged kitchen sink is food debris, including leftover, peels, and grease. Here, it is worthy of noticing that soap scum in your bathroom is the source of grease. When it comes to this problem, the water is not draining at all. And finally, the kitchen will be full of dirty water. It leads to an emergency to timely and cleans up your kitchen sink.

2. Your toilet is struggling against the overflowing water.

The toilet clogs come from inappropriate discards. It is such as toilet paper, baby wipes, and sanitary napkins. If you continue with random behaviors, your toilet will soon break down and overflow. Do not try to escape from the possibility. The rising water you see in your toilet is too late to retrieve.

3. The accumulated water is sneering with loathing in your shower room.

A clogged linear shower drain must be the most overlooked place in your home. You may never realize that your hair, soap suds, and body wash become pools of water. They are around your feet when you take a shower one day. Standing in rising water is not a pleasure, which will bring insects and bacteria from the floor drain with trap.

The causes of clogged drains

1. Food

Food residues, such as leftover rice or noodles, are blocked when pouring into the sink. The reason is that whether it is pasta or rice, it will expand due to the absorption of water. It leads to blockage. You want to wait for them to dissolve, whereas it takes a very long time.

2. Soap

When taking showers, soap residue accumulates on the shower drain cover. It can lead to a slow discharge or backups. It is likely to gather hair or other objects to make a big clog unexpectedly.

3. Hair

The hair becomes a dirty entity to catch everything that falls into the shower channel drain. If you try to clean the blocked sewer by yourself, it will take you a long time, and you may not be able to do it effectively.

4. Grease, oil, and fat

Grease cannot be washed off easily. It is especially since it does not mix well with water, so it is more difficult to remove it. Grease will adhere to the inner walls of sewage pipes, whether pipes in your home or public pipes. Over time, it may cause a complete blockage of the linear drain.

5. Toilet paper

A toilet paper clogging generally happens in a toilet. When the paper encounters water flow, it will start to stretch. It generally blocks the sewer in the corners.

The methods of cleaning up a clogged drain

1. Wire coat hanger

Use a lifting hook to unscrew the shower drain cover and straighten up a wire coat hanger but leave the hook. Feed the wire down the linear drain to fish in the drain and pull out hair buildup that is clogging the passageway in the pipe. Then pour boiling water down the drain several times.

2. Vinegar & baking soda

Mix one second cup of baking soda with the one-second cup of vinegar in a measuring cup. The cup should be with heat-resistant properties. The solution will bubble. Yet the instant it starts to fizz, pour the solution down the clogged shower drain. Wait at least an hour before turning on the water. Continue pouring boiling water down the linear drain until it is clean. The magically chemical reaction helps to break up the hair and dirt.

3. Ask for a plumber

If there is a situation where you cannot deal with a clogged drain, seek a reliable professional. A plumber is the best choice.

The frequency of clogging a drain

All parts of the house, including your plumbing, profit by routine maintenance. It is advisable that you have shower drains cleaned about every two years as part of annual maintenance. This is especially important if your house is older so that you can clean up any dirt that has accumulated. Your floor drains remain unclogged by routine cleaning.

The cost of clogging a drain

We do not tell using powerful chemical cleaners that might harm pipes over time. And you might need to invest in a plunger and some sort of drain cleaner for small clogs. But, if the obstruction is severe, you should usually call a plumber to clear the linear drain. You should budget $100 to $200 for clogs in bathtubs, showers, bathroom or kitchen sinks, or toilets. Whereas cleaning up a laundry drain would run you approximately $150. Your sewer line’s major obstructions will cost a little bit extra. Cleaning sewer drains will cost between $205 and $410.

A clogged drain will definitely bring about a series of troubles in your life. We cannot turn a blind eye to the problems of the above-mentioned household products. You should be more careful. You decide against using an enzymatic cleaner. Also, you do not have to use chemical cleaners to help your pipes stay clog-free. Run hot water through your pipes every so often to assist liquefy any grease that may be clogging them. Even better, you could boil some water to clean your pipes. Although it will not completely clear a clogged drain, this method can help keep drains clear.  You should remove the plug from your bathtub or shower. And you remove any hair that has accumulated on the cross members of the drain. When using them and dealing with the slight hint of problems, you must keep a cozy and joyful life.


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