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  • Why Choose Us?

    YZ is a professional bathroom products manufacturing factory in China, established in 2014. Our customers are mainly located in Europe and America, and our annual floor drain export volume has been in the top 3 in the European market. We also cooperate with Castoroma to develop linear floor drains. Our factory has passed CUPC File Number: 13340, CE certificate, and we can provide you with the report of spray paint salt spray test and BAG test. We have all the latest equipment needed to make floor drains, such as Salt Spray Test, Punching Machinery, Polishing, etc.

    Core Technology

    1. Superior Drainage System
    Linear grille can be designed as muti-pipe structure, greatly increasing the drainage space and speed. High water displacement can be achieved with an average of 60 l/min (without filter mesh).With superior drainage system, it is able to increase flow rate and maintain a dry-wet separation state, easy for cleaning.
    2. Great Sealing Performance
    Superior water-tight connection can be guaranteed by using vertical flange. It can avoid accumulation of sewer and leakage to the fullest, providing a cleanable and hygienic environment. Its strong sealing performance also perfectly prevents bugs or mice from spreading indoors through the shower drain. Drainage channel of straight-through type also has anti-blocking ability.
    3. Avoid Odour

    Customize Content

    Print the Logo

    We print the logo on the product freely for you, and you can choose any position on the product.

    Packaging Design

    The regular packaging is white box, if you need, we can design the color box packaging for you.

    Customized Colors

    Shower drain panels are available in 16 colors, including stainless steel, bronze, chrome,black, gold, etc.

    Panels Design

    We have dozens of panel designs for you to choose, and of course we can design new panels freely for you.

    Surface Finishing

    You have a variety of surface options: PVD sealing oil / gunmetal sealing oil / electrophoresis elegant black / brushed

    Tooling Costs

    We will measure the tooling fee based on the contracted order quantity and determine if it is free of charge.

    Cost Structure

    Design Charge

    Pay a small fee for consultation of any designs you want for your shower drain at wholesale price.

    Sample Charge

    We provide you with free samples, just pay a little shipping fee, and the product will reach you.

    Shipping Charge

    We support consolidation, so that even small shipments can enjoy the shipping price of large shipments.

    Miscellaneous Charge

    It is any other fees relating to taxes, service fees, penalties, and late fees. They are usually low-cost amounts.


    For payment, we adopt OA transaction, a sale where goods are shipped and delivered before payment is due.


    Our raw materials come from Zhejiang Province, and we insist on purchasing high quality stainless steel.



    Design Time

    The design takes 3-7 days, including communication time. If you provide the design, we will help you to revise it.

    Manufacturing Time

    The first time we work together,the production time may take 40-45 days. The second time, it will be limited to 30 days.

    Packing Time

    The staff packs the products in bags and cartons. They take a short time because it is an easy task.

    Shipment Clearance

    From shipment to customs clearance, it is done on the same day, and you can arrange a pick-up time with us.

    Transportation Time

    The factory and the shipping port are in the same city and can be delivered to the port on the same day.

    How to ensure product quality?

    Quality control covers two dimeensions:

    • 1. Operators pay close attention to the manufacturing process to ensure it runs smoothly.
    • 2. Engineers regularly check th product's quality for defects.

    The Specific method:

    • 1. Set quality standards for each product.
    • 2. Unify quality control method.
    • 3. Scientifically formulate the number and quantity of spot checks.
    • 4. Establish a training system for quality control personnel.
    • 5. Improve the defect reporting mechanism.


    To save you from worries, here are some facts you
    need to know about our shower drain supplies:
    What about the warranty ?
    Each customer has a dedicated salesman to serve and reply to your questions within 24 hours. The product is guaranteed within 5 years.
    What is your MOQ?
    Our MOQ is 100 pieces per design. but for the first trial order of standard products ( not customized products), we can accept lower MOQ.
    Can you accept the Audit factory?
    Yes, you can personally or entrust others to come to our factory to inspect the goods at any time, and we will show you around the sample room, workshop, office and other places. You will be warmly welcomed.
    What is your product line plan
    Yize is a professional stainless steel sanitary ware factory. While building the brand of floor drains, it actively expands bathroom product lines such as niches, faucets, and basins, and provides customers with full bathroom solutions.

    Need an Expert?

    Perfessional Shower Drain Factory to Provide You with Solutions