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How to Fix Basement Floor Drain Backing Up?

If you went down to your basement and saw water in the floor drain, it could be a problem. This problem might shock you. But you are not the only one. So many homeowners deal with clogged basement drains, which require quick repair. Most of the time, when there is a problem with the sewer line. Wastewater trying to get out is what causes a basement floor drain to back up. The pipe connects straight to the city’s sewage system. The basement is where the water goes because it is the lowest location in the house. But sometimes, this isn’t even because of the wastewater. There are also other reasons why this issue arises. 

If the floor drain in your basement gets clogged, you should fix it as soon as possible to limit any damage. You can unclog the drain using hot water, baking soda, and vinegar without calling a plumber. What is causing the basement floor drain to back up? There are a few reasons for this. The washing machine, washtub, or tree roots are causing the basement to back up. The problem of backups also happens when pipes get old and so on. Let’s look at what causes a basement floor drain to back up and how to fix it. Let’s start!

Reasons for a Clogged Basement Floor Drain and How to Fix It!

Reason 1: Washing Machine or Wash Tub Backup.

The basement may clog if your home has a wash tub, but this is uncommon. You can find a washtub basin, which is basically a sink, in the laundry room or basement. It’s possible the drain got backed up because of dirt and mud. The problem might also arise with the hose linking the washing machine to the water supply.

How to Fix This Problem?

If you think the blockage may be mud or dirt, you might try using a plunger to clear it. When this doesn’t work, the next best thing is usually to take out the drain and clean it with an electric snake. But, it might be challenging to do this task without help. You can also put a strainer over the drain. If you have tried all of these and still have problems, it may be time to call a professional.

Reason 2: Tree roots may cause a clogged floor drain in the basement.

If there are any cracks in a sewage drain line, tree roots will find their way into the pipe in search of moisture. They will keep growing despite the fact that it works as a sewer. It will be necessary to get an expert to remove the tree roots.

How to Fix This Problem?

Sewer scope inspections can detect roots, clogs, and broken pipes. This costs between $150 and $400. A drain cleaning device can blast away sediments and other muck to remove roots. The professional will also help you eliminate tree roots and prevent future problems.

Reason 3: The pipes have gotten old.

The piping material used for sewer lines is resistant to rust and shrinkage. It becomes harder to move water and other water-borne sediments as they shrink. There may be clay or concrete pipes in some old houses, and over time, these materials will start to break down. You should have an expert inspect the kind of pipes you have. They will tell you what you should do next if there is a problem.

How to Fix This Problem?

Depending on how badly the pipe is damaged and how big it is, it may be necessary to replace it. Because some of the piping needs to be fixed by the city, the exact location of the pipes is a factor. Beyond your property line and into the city’s main sewer line is where the city’s duties start. This is the primary sewage pipe.

Reason 4: Flushing of Unnecessary Items.

When kids play with their toys near the toilet, the toys sometimes fall in by accident. Feminine items, towels, napkins, and baby diapers can also clog drains. Did you know that plenty of toilet paper brands might cause a backup in your toilet? Because it breaks down faster in water, one-ply toilet paper is better than two-ply.

How to Fix This Problem?

Please only use one-ply toilet paper and avoid flushing the items listed above. It might be hard to educate your family. If a toy or costly thing is in the toilet bowl, use a disposable cup to remove the water. Then, with protective gloves in place, take the item out. If that doesn’t work, try a de-clogger, snake, or plunger.

Reason 5: Drains and traps dry out.

If there is no water going down the drain or into the trap. They might become dry, which would let sewage gases out. This is not just an issue with the drain in the basement but with any sink or drain in the house. A dirty or defective P-trap is another possible cause.

How to Fix This Problem?

It might work if you throw water down the drain and into the trap. Also, you must add a trap if it is not already there. You need to consult a professional in order to solve the problem.


Every homeowner finds it annoying when the basement drain starts to back up. Sadly, many factors can cause it, and finding the cause may be challenging. It will take some effort to find them because there are various areas in the house where they could be. You should ask for help from a professional or have a high-quality floor drain put in your basement. If you want the best floor drain, Yzdrain is one of the best manufacturers of floor drains in China. Yzdrain is becoming one of the most well-known manufacturers of Linear Shower Drains. We make and sell Shower Channels and Shower Drain Channels in China. We are a top manufacturer and supplier of bathroom channel drains for modern homes. We produce flooring drainers and shower drains from premium-grade stainless steel.

They are made specially to meet the needs of modern homes. You can put these channels next to walls or in the middle of bathrooms, basements, and other places. Also, our shower channels can be used for all categories of water impact. They come with factory-installed seal systems. They speed up the installation process and make the system safer and more reliable. These drains have a protective cover to prevent dirt and damage during construction. Because there is a growing demand for bathrooms to double as living spaces. The shower channels we design can be installed level with the ground. We make and sell a variety of single-piece, and multi-piece shower channel drains. We hope this guide will be helpful to you.

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