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Choosing the Right Drain: Linear vs. Square Shower Drain Comparison

As a shower drain distributor, you know the importance of giving clients the ultimate bathroom solutions. Choosing the right type of drain is an important decision for your customers. They will have linear and square shower drains being the considerable options. In this article, we’ll compare the two shower drain types.

Linear Shower Drain

Linear shower drains have been popular in recent years. The credit goes to their sleek design. As the name indicates, linear shower drains are long shower drains. Unlike traditional round drains, linear shower drains are longitudinal channels. Plumbers install them at the edge of the shower floor, and run parallel to the shower wall. Here are some of the pros and cons of linear shower drains. You need to know these if you are planning to sell them to your customers.


High Water Drainage Capacity:

Linear shower drains have a larger surface area. It enables them to handle more water than traditional drains. They can  drain water from the shower. Moreover, they also prevent any water buildup.

Sleek and Modern Design

he linear shower drains gives a bathroom an elegant look. All the credit goes to slim profile. They come in a wide range of finishes, including stainless steel and copper. So you can have plenty of options to offer to your customers.

Easy to Clean:

Linear shower drains are easier to clean. They have a removable grate that plumbers can lift and clean. It prevents any blockages and ensures proper water drainage. Your customers will love this part.


Installation Complexity:

Linear shower drains are more challenging to install. They should have accurate measurements and a proper slope for effective water drainage.

Higher Cost

Linear shower drains are more expensive than traditional round drains. They need more materials which add up to the cost.

Square Shower Drain

Square shower drains are a popular option for those who prefer a traditional look. They also come with added benefits. Plumbers install them at the center of the shower floor. Here are some of the pros and cons of square shower drains.


Easy to Install:

Square shower drains are simpler to install. They need a simple cutout on the shower floor and are easier to level.


Square shower drains come in various sizes. In this way, your customers will have many options to choose from. Plumbers can adjust them in different types of shower systems.


Square shower drains are generally more affordable than linear shower drains. They use fewer materials and are easier to install. It reduces the overall cost.


Limited Water Drainage Capacity:

Square shower drains have a smaller surface area. It limits their water drainage capacity. They may not be suitable for large shower areas or areas with high water flow.

Limited Design Options:

Square shower drains have limited design options. They may not be suitable for those who want a modern look for their bathroom.

Difference In Installation And Costs Of Linear And Square Shower Drains

The installation process for linear and square shower drains differs in several ways. Here are some of the key differences:

Drainage Slope

Linear shower drains need a leveled slope to ensure proper water drainage. The shower floor must slope in one direction towards the linear drain. Note that the slope should be level and uniform throughout.

Square shower drains should have a slight slope towards the drain. It doesn’t have to be as precise as a linear drain.

Shower Drain Size

Linear shower drains come in various lengths, depending on the width of the shower area. The length of the drain should match the width of the shower area. It must be present in the center of the shower floor. Plumbers install shower square drains  in one of the corners of the shower area. They come in various sizes depending on the width of the shower area.

Grate Installation

The grate for a linear shower drain comes with the shower floor. It provides a seamless look. Square shower drains need a visible grate. Plumbers install them above the shower floor.


Linear shower drains are more expensive than square shower drains. This is because of the extra materials needed for installation. The major ones are waterproofing membranes and leveling compounds. Square shower drains are easier to install and need fewer materials. It makes them a more affordable option.

Linear Vs. Square Shower Drain: Which One Is Better?

When choosing a shower drain, there are a few things to think about. Some of them are design, water drainage capacity, installation, and cost.

Linear shower drains have become more popular in recent years due to modern design. They are the best shower drains if you want a modern look and a big shower with a lot of water flow. Linear shower drains also come in many different finishes. They include copper, brass, and stainless steel.

On the other hand, people who like a more traditional look often choose square shower drains. They come in different shapes and sizes and work well in smaller showers. Linear shower drains are usually more expensive. Moreover, they are harder to install than square shower drains. So if your customers have a tight budget, offer square shower drains.


Both linear and square shower drains have their pros and cons. The choice depends on your customer’s preferences and needs.

As a shower drain distributor, it’s important to have an understanding of shower drains. You should also know the differences between linear and square shower drains. By weighing the pros and cons of each option, you can help your customers. In this way, they can select the best possible drain for their bathroom.

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