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Are linear shower drains better?

You are considering purchasing your shower plumbing and are stuck on choosing a shower drain. Don’t worry; we will walk you through different types of shower drains and explain why linear shower drains are a better choice.

Furthermore, we will also elaborate on center drains and traditional point drains. Ultimately, it is your shower and your budget, but before you decide on anything, we implore you to read the rest of the blog post and decide.

Types of Shower Drains

We will not get into technicalities and explain in simple terms. There are two primary types of shower drains in the market. They are:

  • Linear shower drains.
  • Point or traditional drains.

Furthermore, a custom shower drain is another type, but normally, it is not listed among the primary types.

A custom shower drain is a special type designed and manufactured considering the customer’s special requirements.

Linear drain vs center drain

Shower water management solutions include linear and point drains, each with pros and cons. These drainage systems are crucial to bathroom functionality and aesthetics. When designing or updating your shower, knowing the differences might assist you in choosing.

Contemporary bathrooms use linear shower drains for their clean, modern style. Water drains efficiently along their long, narrow length, commonly at the doorway or a wall. This design makes the shower seem better and removes water efficiently, reducing standing water. Linear drains are also great for barrier-free showers, making them safe and accessible for mobility-challenged people.

In contrast, traditional point drains or center drains are built centrally. These shower drains are useful and affordable but may not be as attractive as linear drains. Point drains can delay drainage, causing standing water; thus, tile and slope location must be considered.

So, you must have gotten the main idea in this small comparison of linear drain vs center drain.

Benefits of linear shower drains

Coming to the detailed section of this blog post, why you must choose linear shower drains instead of a traditional version?

Some of the benefits that you must consider before making a purchase are:

Efficient Water Drainage – Safe shower

The main benefit of linear shower drains in bathrooms is efficient water drainage. These sleek, elongated drainage systems rapidly and uniformly drain water, making showers safer and more enjoyable.

Effective water drainage eliminates shower standing water. Linear shower drains along the shower’s edge or threshold prevent water from pooling, decreasing slip dangers and improving hygiene. You can reduce accidents or falls due to slick or wet surfaces.

Furthermore, daily use is also convenient with linear shower drains. They allow larger flow rates, so you can have a strong shower without water collecting. This way, you can save time and water.

Water damage to bathroom flooring and structure can be prevented by efficient water drainage. Water should be diverted quickly to prevent mold, rot, and other costly moisture issues.

So, in short, linear shower drains improve bathroom safety and convenience by efficiently draining water.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Bathroom design relies on aesthetics to create an appealing and harmonious setting. In many respects, a linear shower drain improves your bathroom’s look.

The sleek, modern style of linear drains stands out. Linear drains are subtle and unobtrusive, unlike point drains that might disrupt bathroom floor flow with a drain cover.

Also, they integrate smoothly into the design, whether fitted along the shower threshold or one wall. This basic design gives the shower a modern, open atmosphere and looks elegant.

Additionally, a linear shower drain also increases tile choices and design versatility. Larger tiles can produce a more uniform look due to their elongated design.

Furthermore, they can work with industrial, minimalist, and classic bathroom styles. Customizing them to your selected finishes and materials ensures they complement your bathroom design.

In short, a linear shower drain is ideal for modern, attractive bathrooms due to their improved aesthetics.

Barrier-Free Shower Design – Improved Safety

Linear shower drains create a visually appealing, useful, and accessible bathroom with a barrier-free shower design.

Barrier-free showers require linear drains to eliminate the need for a raised curb or lip between the shower and the bathroom floor. In your shower, the entry and exit become easy for everyone. So, naturally, tripping dangers are eliminated, improving safety and simplifying daily tasks.

Similarly, removing a curb makes shower cleaning easier and makes the bathroom feel more open. It also promotes diversity and adaptability to meet varied user needs.

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Beyond aesthetics and accessibility, linear shower drains simplify cleaning and maintenance, making your bathroom experience easier.

Simple maintenance is a major benefit of linear drains. A liftable grate covers these drains for cleaning. The lack of complex parts, nooks, and crannies eliminates dirt buildup, keeping your shower drain clean and effective.

Did you know that classic point drains are harder to clean due to their more complex assembly? Linear drains simplify bathroom maintenance. Simply wipe the grate or remove it for a deeper clean.

So, you must choose a linear shower drain because it requires less long-term upkeep. Easy cleaning and low upkeep keep your bathroom hygienic and low maintenance for years.

Overall Value and Longevity

Consider the value and endurance of your bathroom investment when choosing between linear shower drains and point drains. Numerous long-term benefits of linear drains can improve your bathroom’s longevity and value.

  • First, linear drains endure.
  • They last longer than point drains due to their simplified design and fewer moving elements. Over time, this reduces maintenance and replacement expenses, increasing bathroom value.
  • Linear drains’ modern looks and accessibility might boost your home’s market value.
  • Modern, stylish bathrooms with inclusive features like barrier-free design can boost your property’s value.
  • Linear drains are a good investment due to their low maintenance, high property value, and durability.
  • Linear shower drains let homeowners choose from various tile sizes, patterns, and materials. With fewer tile pattern interruptions, your shower can look modern and polished.


The linear drain vs center drain debate is a much more detailed discussion. So, shower drains have different benefits; thus, choosing one depends on several aspects. Your total budget and expected outlook is also a very vital factor.

However, it is fair to say that linear drains improve aesthetics and barrier-free shower design with effective water drainage. They streamline cleaning and maintenance, saving time and effort. They also add value and endurance to your bathroom investment.

The choice depends on your needs, tastes, and bathroom design goals, and these aspects can help you choose the best drain for your house shower. You can always order a custom shower drain if you have enough budget and unique requirements.

Finally, which drain are you thinking of choosing? In our opinion, linear shower drains are a better choice. At Yzdrain, we are offering excellent quality shower drains at ideal rates. Let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions. Thanks for the Read!

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