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What is the Ideal Shower Niche Height?

Planning your shower niche has become important for modern bathroom remodeling projects. Shower niche can help you say goodbye to shower caddies and messy bottles stack. Having a shower niche isn’t only functional but can also add aesthetics to your bathroom.

To create an appealing and flawless shower niche, keep reading this guide. Here we will let you learn what is the ideal shower niche height, and other important tips. So, here we go:

A comprehensive guide on what is the ideal shower niche height

The shower niche planning determines various things. These more often include:

  • The ideal height of the shower niche
  • Depth of shower niche
  • Shower niche trim
  • Best shower niche size
  • Shower niche shelf size
  • Shower niche lighting (if you want) and more.

You can plan all these aspects while keeping your and your family’s needs in mind. At the same time, you also need to know the key considerations while planning a shower niche.

What is shower niche?

Like a cubbyhole, a shower niche is a storage type to add to your shower area. This storage type contains an open-space design. You must also put this shower niche within your shower area or tub wall. So, you can store your bathroom essentials in an accessible area.

Shower niches are suitable to add near your bathtub or in the shower area. These can provide you with well-organized and simple solutions. They are going to store bathroom stuff you use every day. People often use shared bathrooms. And they understand the hassle of maintaining enough space for bathroom stuff. This can become even harder when you need to keep the mess away.

You may have created shower caddies or shelves in your bathroom. But, these are bulky solutions that can also get harder to clean. Moreover, these can also compromise the cluttered look of your shower area. In that case, a shower niche can be a superior solution. This solution can help you to store your shower accessories without investing in money and space-consuming organizers. You can conceal your regular shower objects within the shower wall.

What is the ideal shower niche height (from the floor)?

When installing a shower niche, you need to know at what height you want to install it on the shower wall. Yet, there is no specific industry-related height of shower niche rule. It depends upon your personal preferences.

People usually want a shower at 36 to 60 inches in height from the bathroom floor. This height is comfortable to reach for a soap bar or a bottle of shampoo. You can also consider adjusting the shower niche sizes. You can do this if your family is short or tall. Many people prefer to place their shower niche anywhere from elbow to eye height. They place it in a standing position.

This height of shower niche measurement usually translates to 38″ to 60″ from the floor on an average adult. This shower niche height can make it easier to grab your shampoo and other bathroom things. You can also use it for conditioner, soap, etc. while taking a shower.

Reasons to install a shower niche higher than 38″ to 60″ height.

Installing a higher shower niche can be beneficial. Here are some effective reasons that you can consider for this:

  • While sharing the washroom with kids, you can keep sharp accessories like razors away.
  • Installing your niche, a little on the higher side can keep water from splashing into the niche. Otherwise, it may get mold or water intrusion issues over time.

Reasons to install a shower niche at a lower height

Like higher niche installation, a lower niche also possesses unique benefits. These include:

  • Is some of your family members short-height? Then installing a lower niche can make shower accessories accessible for everyone.
  • Moreover, a lower shower niche can also benefit you if you have a bathtub in your bathroom. This practice will make it easier to reach it even while using the bathtub.

For sure you can make a better decision by seeing the benefits of different heights. Some people also want a shower niche to have convenient legs shaving experience. You can add a smaller shower niche lower in your shower area. This comes in handy to rest your foot while shaving your legs in the shower. This height of the shower niche should be ideal for resting your feet on.

What is the standard shower niche size?

Some people prefer choosing ready-to-install or prefab shower niches. They prefer going with the standard shower niche size. It is going to choose the right shower niche size without any hassle. Common shower niche sizes are available for all homes. Also, they are available with the following shower niche dimensions:

  • 12 inches for the width
  • 28 inches for the height
  • 3.5 inches for the depth

Besides this, another shower niche size is 12 inches in width and height. This shower niche size is ideal for installing smaller shower stalls.

Size of soap shower niche

Soap dispensers are another common type of shower niche installed in shower areas. Many stores usually sell this in combination with a shampoo niche. In this type of niche, you will have a built-in compartment to keep your soap. The standard design of a soap shower niche features 7 inches in width. The height of the soap shower niche is generally 14 inches. This shower niche duo is suitable for smaller homes. Those homes usually have a minimal amount of shower accessories.

Horizontal shower niche size

Do you want to add more aesthetics to your washroom? Adding a horizontal shower niche would be key here. A horizontal shower niche can be a beautiful addition to any bathroom with extra shelf space.

You can use this shower niche shelf space to store more bathroom products or even to add décor. A horizontal shower niche usually spans two or more stud bays. Moreover, it often requires more than just a renovation.

The common horizontal shower niche dimensions include:

  • 14 inches in height
  • 47 inches side-to-side width
  • 4 inches depth

You can also adjust this horizontal shower niche dimensions per your preferences.

Stay Bay shower niche width.

Stay Bay width for shower niche shelf usually vary from house to house. Some homeowners prefer to install shower niches vertically. It is because stud frames don’t allow these to install horizontally. Some homes are suitable for installing horizontal shower niches.

Stud width is more often a bit wider than 12 inches for existing homes. Yet, if a homeowner is considering a home renovation, things are different. They should go with vertical shower niche installation. This can offer them more room for custom shelving. The usual width of the stud bay shower niche is 14.5 inches.

Depth of Shower niche Shelf

 3.5 inches is the standard depth of the shower niche shelf. This is the standard width size for wood studs. While people who live in high-rise buildings install steel studs. In that case, the greatest depth a shower niche can reach is 2.5 inches approx.

Fortunately, both shower niche sizes are suitable for carrying bigger shower accessories bottles. With this depth, you can accommodate most of your shower products in the niche. Yet, are you installing a custom-made shower niche? Then you can adjust these measurements as per your needs.

Key things to keep in mind while planning ideal shower niche height

Are you planning your shower niche? Here are some important things that you must keep in mind.

So, here we go:

Choose the best wall for your shower niche

You must consider a few things while choosing a wall for a shower niche. These include:

  • Avoid interacting your shower niche with any electrical or plumbing applications.
  • Moreover, if you live in a colder climate, you should avoid creating a shower niche in the outer wall.

Also, consider placing your shower niche away from the water stream.

Best position of your shower niche on the wall

You must consider how it will function to choose the best spot to install a shower niche. It is always a good standard to position your shower niche between chest to eye level. Some shower niche contractors can also help you to plan the space for a more customized look. You can also discuss this option with your chosen contractor.

Shower niche lighting

Shower niche lighting is all about adding LED lights now. You must consider the benefits of shower niche lighting. Shower niche lighting is all about adding LED lights now. You must consider the benefits of shower niche lighting. Choose your LED light strips that can fit perfectly for the best shower niche lighting. You can find shower niche lighting options, even for custom sizes and shapes.

Type of shower niche trim you want

Your choice of shower niche trim can greatly affect your niche’s effect. Decide between round or sharp edges, tile, or metal. Also, consider whether you want your shower niche trim color to pop or blend with the wall. You can also get a custom-made shower niche trim as per your preferences. So, always choose the right shower niche trim.

Style your shower niche to match it with bathroom aesthetics

The shape and finish of your shower niche must add more to the aesthetics of your bathroom. Always keep the shower niche sizes in perfect proportion to your shower size. Shower niches usually have a variety of shapes and sizes. You can also create custom shower niches to match your bathroom’s style or theme.

Final Thoughts

You must consider installing an ideal shower niche to hold your products. You can reach things at a reachable height with that. Other key things about shower niche sizes and shower niche height are also above. Consider this information to plan shower niche projects more effectively.

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